Advanced Cooking Class

  • Fish Dishes

    Korean techniques for fish and various seafood – Sample dishes : Haemul Jeongol (seafood Hotpot), Ojingo Bokkeum (Spicy Stir-fried Squid,), Saengseon Jorim ( Braised Fish), Parae-jeon(seaweed pancake)

  • Meat Dishes

    Different sauces and techniques for chicken, pork, and beef – Sample dishes : Neobiani (Grilled marinated beef), Bossam(Boiled pork with fresh Kimchi), Dakganggeong(Korean fried chicken)

  • Royal Court Cuisine

    High-end delicacies once reserved only for royalty – Sample dishes : Oiseon(Royal cucumber salad), Galbijjim (Braised beef), Daeha Jatjup Muchim(Prawn and pinenut salad)

  • Korean Banchan _ Whole dining set up

    Korean small side dishes with cooked rice and soup


Chef 's

  • Richard Hales

    Chef/Owner of Sakaya Kitchen

  • Gizzi Erskine

    Chef/TV Personality Cook Yourself Thin, Cookery School

  • Stevie Parle

    Chef/Owner of Dock Kitchen Author/TV personality

  • Moshik Roth

    Chef/Owner Samhoud places Michelin 2 stars

  • Pascal Deyalkeneer

    Chef/Owner Le Chalet De La Foret Michelin 2 Stars

  • Judy Joo

    Author Iron Chef UK Chef of Playboy Club

  • Willy Trullas Moreno

    Chef/Owner El Willy

  • Tomi Bjorck, Matti Wikberg

    Chef/Owners of Farang, Gaijin, Boulevard Social, Bronda

  • John Gregory Smith

    Author Mighty Spice Kitchen and Mighty Spice Express

  • Akira Oshima

    Chef/Owner Hotel Okura French Ciel Bleu 2 stars,Yamazato 1 star

  • Gerrit Gerveling

    Chef The Dutch

  • Ryan Clift

    Chef/Owner/TV Personality The Tipping Club

  • Laura Lee

    Chef/Owner Ajumama Food Truck

  • Ben and Sue Youn Ansah

    Chef/Owner Yogiyo Food Truck

  • Keisuke Sakamoto

    Chef/Owner Korean Banchan Shop

  • Laura Dinham

    Chef Private Chef

  • Jay Morgaria

    Chef Cooking Instructor

  • Liwen Chiu

    Asian Food Teaching Chef

  • Joshua Chin

    Fusion Asian Food Chef