Team Building

O’ngo offers team building programs and educational programs for companies or schools that are seeking innovative incentive programs that are different from the normal dinners or long trips.

  • Kimchi & Bulgogi& Kimchi Pancake

    Bulgogi is prepared by marinating thin slices of beef grilling them. This dish is Korean’s favorite dish. Baechu-Kimchi is made by stuffing salted napa cabbages with a mixture of julienned radish, red chili pepper powder, minced garlic, cut scallion, fish sauce. Along with them you will make a Kimchi pancake.

  • Seafood Pancake & Glass noodle salad & Korean salad

    Japchae(glass noodle salad) is made by glass noodles, spinach, carrot, onion and many kinds of mushrooms. It is both a special dish and a versatile favorite. Pajeon (Seafood pancake) is a mixture of flour batter and scallions shallow-fried on a griddle.Pajeon tastes even more delicious when shared with friends. Along with them a Korean salad will be prepared.