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Korean Culinary Tourism Association

The Korean Culinary Tourism Association (KoCTA) was formed in February 2011 and it is part of the International Culinary Tourism Association (Currently renamed the World Food Travel Association). The International Culinary Tourism Association is the leading association for culinary tourism around the world. Led by Eric Wolf, the authority on culinary tourism, the organization seeks to use food as a driver for tourism in destinations around the globe.

The Korean Culinary Tourism Association is made up of tourism professionals, professors, chefs, and other people that are working in the hospitality, restaurant, and tourism industry. Our goal is to promote Korean food, ingredients, and culture while using food as the main attraction to bring tourists to Korea.

The organization also works to preserve traditional restaurants, cooking techniques, farms, and farmers by educating the tourists. We seek to help Korean farmers, restauranteurs and chefs by helping them adapt to the specific needs of different tourists.

The organization has training and certification programs for those seeking a career in culinary tourism. We train tour guides on Korean food culture and foreign food culture so they can plan the best tour for their guests.

The Korean Culinary Tourism Association’s goal is to have guests “Experience Culture through Cuisine.”



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