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Boseong Tea Tour Sketch

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Yesterday I was lucky to travel to Boseong tea country with some friends to prepare for a new out of Seoul. As expected, Boseong was as beautiful as I expected. The land is picturesque and the tea products there are worth the journey. Here are some of what we saw during on our day.


Here is the walk to the Dawon tea park.


The rolling green tea fields.






20130608-065524.jpg The green tea foods such as green tea bibimbap and green tea Naengmyeong.

20130608-065627.jpg the green tea ice cream was incredible after the long hike to the top of the green tea peak.

20130608-065714.jpg We learned how to make green tea from a tea master at her house.



Here is a video of a trip to Boseong





Boseong is worth the journey to get there. If you are looking to experience a truly Korean experience, I suggest you make a trip.




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Jeonju Tour Sketch

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I love traveling to Jeonju because it has a completely different feel from Seoul. It’s almost a completely different world. The food is fresher, the people are kinder and everything seems sunnier. It’s one of my favorite places to visit. Here you can see some pictures and some videos of our trip there.













You can get there by bus or by train. I like the train because it is very peaceful.


Here is a beautiful Hanok House in Winter


Calguksu Noodle SoupP1410731

The Road of GodP1410931

So Many Side DishesP1410981

New FriendsP1420017

Bibimbap and more side dishes.

Jeonju is definitely the food capital of Korea!

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Featured in the Fresh magazine in the Netherlands!

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Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 4.47.24 PM

Our cooking class and culinary tour was featured in the Fresh Retail Magazine!

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Inspirational Chef’s Tour: Day 1 and 2

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My company was given a seemingly impossible task. Introduce all that Korea has to offer in 5 days to a group of 14 food professionals from Holland. Three of the members were Michelin-starred chefs: Moshik Rot, Akira Oshima and Gerrit Gerveling. I have had the opportunity to tour other star chefs in the past and I know they can be quite particular. The group was looking for a tour that would show them all the Korean food secrets the country had to offer. They wanted to meet with top chefs, they wanted to explore the farms and the food production areas and they wanted to have fun. A lot of fun. Luckily our company was up to the task.

On the first few days, we explored Seoul. We went to the traditional markets and the new modern markets (SSG). They also took cooking classes at our cooking school and at the North Korean Institute for Korean food. We also had a high-end dinner at Korea’s contemporary Korean restaurant: Jungsikdang where the chef prepared a special meal for the group.

You would think after full days of eating, the group would have been tired but at night they went partying at some of Seoul’s hottest clubs where we might have all gotten a little…excited.

It was a good start to the beginning of 5 days of Korea. After Seoul we went to Jeonju, Busan, Andong and Chuncheon. We did this all without causing an international incident. More pictures to follow.



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Night and chocolate

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20130509-082649.jpg Seoul is beautiful at night and now that Buddha’s Birthday is approaching the river is lit with many lanterns. It is a great place for a night walk. Also if you need some chocolate, I recommend you take a stop at cacao boom.

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Food Tour in London

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I took a tour with Mind the Gap tours yesterday and it was great. I checked out some great markets and tasted a lot of excellent foods. I would recommend it to all.


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Here are some more of our Happy Night Dining Tour Guests

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Ivan, thank you so much for sending this in!





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Try delicious Korean foods!

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Incheon Port to Seoul City Tour

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Incheon port is one of the most important areas for Korea because it was how Korea first interacted with the western world. Later when it was under attack from North Korea during the Korean War (1950-1953), it was a start of the standoff for liberation. 60-some years later, Korea has developed into an industrial power while North Korea flounders.  Our Incheon Port to Seoul City Tour is a tour that will show you a mix of the old and the new. Our English-speaking, friendly guides will pick you up at Incheon port in our comfortable vans (4-person van or 7-person van: Kia Caravan) and then take you on a journey through Korea. We’ll drive you into one of the largest and densest cities in the world, Seoul. Our tours are customizable and focus on great sights and tastes of Korea. In one day, you’ll get a taste of the local culture. We’ll take you from port to the city and back in 1-day while you get to learn about the history and the culture.

Incheon Port To Seoul City Tour Schedule:
9am pickup at port
1045am arrive in Seoul go to Kwangjang Market to have famous street food.
11:30pm Go to Gyeongbukgung Palace and Folk Art Museum
12:30 eat Korean barbecue for lunch
1:30pm Visit Bukchon Hanok Village (Korean Traditional Village
2:30pm Visit Ewha Woman’s University (Famous architecture)
3:00pm Visit Hongdae Art University Area
3:30pm Start drive back to Incheon Dock (traffic is heavier in the midday)

Cost per group of 5 people or 7 people is 550 USD. English Guide, Admissions to palaces are included. Transport to and from the dock, city, tolls, gas, parking are all included.

Lunch and snacks would be around 15 USD extra a person.

Come Explore Korea with us!

O’ngo Food Communications

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Another 5 star review for chef Hyejin

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