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Cooking Classes
For those looking for a hands-on cooking experience to learn about Korean food and techniques we have 3 levels of cooking classes at O’ngo Culinary School. Classes are designed so you will be able to make a full Korean meal for your friends and family in 1 or 2 hours. First you are given a demonstration on how to make the dishes, and then you will make your own dishes. Afterwards, you get to enjoy what you made. Rice and seasonal tea or coffee is provided. The cooking classes are taught in English or Japanese. Classes last about 2 hours. Contact us at [email protected] for availability and scheduling. Book one day in advance. Saturday has special menus and schedule. Download our cooking class brochure here. Download our professional cooking class brochure here.
These beginner classes are introductory courses for those new to cooking or to Korean food. In each class you make a main entree and a side-dish. Offered daily Monday through Friday at 10am and 2pm. There are special classes on the first three Saturdays of the month. See our schedule here.
These intermediate classes are for those who wish to learn more Korean dishes. The classes are taught so even a beginner can understand. In each class you learn 5 or 6 dishes while learning about sauces, techniques and philosophy behind Korean food. See our schedule here.
For culinary professionals that are looking to add Korean food to their repertoire, these classes are custom designed to help you learn the skills you need. These classes are taught by Professor Jia Choi or by Chef Hyejin Kim. By reservation only and subject to availability. Download professional brochure here, or see this page for more information.
Our Alumni have gone on to create restaurants on their own. Here are some of our successful alumni: http://www.ongofood.com/cooking-class/cooking-class-graduates-page/
We understand the needs of our guests and if we don’t have a scheduled class on a specific day, we can
change classes and times to fit your needs. We have also done special request classes in the past. Special
Classes include: Mandu (Korean Dumplings) and Bibimguksu (Spicy Mixed Noodles), Samgyetang (Chicken
and Ginseng Stew), Kimchi Chiggae (Kimchi and Pork Stew), Beginning Temple Cuisine Class,  Bossam (Poached Pork), and Tteok (Rice Cake).