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Halal Cooking Class

For travelers, food is one of the main reasons for traveling. For those with dietary restrictions or allergies, this can pose an issue. O’ngo Food Communications has done specialized tours for people with special food needs such as Muslims, Jewish, and Hindus. Our guides carefully screen restaurants and ingredients to make sure there are no disagreeable products. Our chefs have been trained in knowledge of what ingredients that can be used and how they should be properly handled for people with special dietary requirements. Also, our cooking classes sources Halal meats. We also make sure that the ingredients in the sauces and our vegetables are top quality.For those that have very strict dietary requirements we can purchase new cooking pots and pans, cooking utensils, and even plates.

We have also catered, hosted dinner parties, and cooked for events that have special dietary requirements. Our chefs have been invited overseas to cook at special events as well. For questions and inquiries, contact us at [email protected]

The Halal cooking classes are taught in English. Classes last about 3 hours. First you are given a demonstration on how to make the dishes, and then you will make your own dishes. Afterwards, you get to enjoy the food you made. Rice and seasonal tea will be provided. Halal Kimchi can be packed to go (this is only for those who take the Kimchi class).

Classes are by reservation only. Contact us at [email protected] for availability and scheduling. Classes cost 120,000 won per person unless otherwise noted, and group and family rates are available.

Vegetarian Temple Cuisine
Korea has a rich Buddhist history and with it a diverse array of vegetarian dishes. In this class you’ll learn the basic stocks, sauces and techniques to make a variety of different dishes. You’ll get to cook and sample three seasonal salads (e.g. vegan kimchi, braised tofu, lotus root, shitake mushroom, etc.), vegan stock to make a soup, and chilled soybean noodle soup (kongguksu) or Yeongyang-dolsotbap (rice with chestnuts and pine nuts, served in a stone bowl).
Banchan Culture
Korean food is known for its vast array of vegetable and meat side dishes that accompany every meal. These small dishes, called banchan, have special techniques and a philosophy for making them. Learn the skills to make 6 different Korean side dishes. Meal comes with rice and soup.
Halal Korean Barbecue
An adaptation of one of our most popular class. In this class, you’ll learn to make the sauces and marinades for barbecue, along with the techniques to cook Halal lamb and chicken, a bean sauce, and several salads. This class costs 150,000 won per person.