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Team Building

Team Building Cooking Classes

O’ngo Food Communications offers team building programs for companies that are seeking team building programs and innovative incentive programs that are different from the normal dinners or long trips.

Our team building cooking classes are designed to unify the group and then add a teamwork element by having each team work together to make their dinner. The team building classes all start with a cooking demostration from our chefs (in English, Japanese, or Korean). After the demonstration, students are divided into teams and they have time to make their own dinner. After the cooking session, everyone sits down to eat. It is a social and delicious time.

Companies that have used our cooking classes in the past include Novartis, The Francascian School of Korea, LSG Sky Chefs, INKAS, KTO, New Zealand Consulate, and Yahoo! Korea.

If you are interested in having us customize an experience for your group, please contact us at [email protected]


Team Building Dining Tours

O’ngo Food Communications offers team building dining tours for companies that would like to give their employees new incentives for their efforts. Our dining tours take groups up to 4 different local places so they will learn about the food and drinking culture of Korea while enjoying delicious, authentic Korean food. Our trained guides will make sure everyone is having a great time as they tell stories about Korean food, Korean people, and drinking culture. Oh, and guest will learn fun Korean drinking games and have drinks. In one evening, your foreign guests and employees will learn a lot about Korea while having a great time.

Clients that have gone on our Team building dining tours include LSG Sky Chefs, Noguchi Delicious Store, Fujimien Hotel, PF Chang’s Restaurants, and Seauton’s International Incentives.

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