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Customizable, Multiday Korea Exploration Tours


Since 2008, O’ngo Food Communications has developed specialized experiences for discerning travelers. The favorably rated company has grown from offering dining tours and cooking classes to offering exclusive and insightful experiences for adventurous, intelligent travelers looking to fully experience another culture. We try to live up to our motto, “Experience Culture Through the Cuisine.” Each experience uses food as a starting point to understand the culture. Of course, you won’t be eating or cooking every second of your trips. We take strolls through historical districts, visit homes, farms, and wildlife areas so you’ll fully experience Korea. We handle all the planning and logistics so you can just take it all in.

-O’ngo Food Communications

Overview: 5-day Kinetic Korea Tour: Kinetic Korea Tour

Overview: 10 day Korea Exploration tour: DMZ Spy Tour, Cooking, Gyeongju, Busan and Templestay

Overview: 10 day Korea Exploration tour: DMZ, Jeju, Gyeonju, Busan, Everland Tour

This tour is designed for discerning travelers, families and groups that are looking to explore Korea in depth. It is a comprehensive tour that would take travelers from Seoul to Gyeongju, Andong and Busan. The highlights of the trip are cooking classes, dining tours, a DMZ Spy Tour, Korean Saunas, temple stays, mountain hiking and outdoor activities. It is for guests that are looking for a hands-on interactive tour that will go deep into Korean culture and history. Instead of just telling them about Korea, our goal is to have them experience it. Our guides are English speaking guides but guides that speak other languages can also be booked.

We feel that setting and atmosphere is very important so at each local different styles of hotels, houses, condos and more are rented. Every accommodation is authentic and unique with modern conveniences.We feel food is also very important so we don’t skimp on quality there either. After this tour, you’ll feel and understand what it means to be truly Korean. We understand that guests have different needs and we will work hard to fulfill your vacation dreams and work within your budget because we would like to give everyone the chance to discover Korea.

Our tours and cooking classes have been featured in media from around the world such as Politiken Newspaper (Denmark), Bizarre Foods (USA), Euronews, BBC Olive, ABC7 San Francisco (USA), Kimchi Chronicles (USA) and more. We have been one of the top tripadvisor activities in Korea since 2011 and have well over 100 ‘Excellent’ reviews.

O’ngo Food Communications is a licensed and insured tour company in Seoul and a member of KATA (Korea Association of Travel Agents), KoCTA (Korea Culinary Tourism Association), Jongno-gu Area, and KTO (Korea Tourism Association). We have a 50,000 USD policy that covers clients on ground and for big tours, we can increase our insurance coverage to 100,000- 250,000 USD as necessary (depending on size of group and event).

Our company is insured through KATA (Korean Association of Travel Agents). Our company works with drivers and operators with the best track records and we seek to show every traveler an experience to remember.

Download the full brochure with pricing here:

Multiday Korea Vacation for FIT DMZ Spy Tour, Cooking, Gyeongju, Busan and Templestay Brochure

10 day Korea Exploration tour: DMZ, Jeju, Gyeonju, Busan, Everland Tour

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O’ngo Food Communications is a member of the International Culinary Tourism Association (ICTA), Korea Culinary Tourism Association (KoCTA), Korea Association of Travel Agents (KATA). We are a licensed and insured cooking school and travel company in Korea.