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The Food Capital of Korea: Jeonju Food Tour

The Food Capital of Korea: Jeonju

The southwestern city of Jeonju is regarded by many Koreans as the food capital of Korea. This area is rich in agricultural products and livestock. It is close to the coasts, the mountains, and the fields. You will see the creativity of the chefs as they meld these different ingredients together.

Jeonju is the home of Jeonju-style bibimbap whose color and mixture of ingredients over freshly steamed rice showcases the skill and love the chefs put into their food. The city is also home to a number of famous hanok (traditional Korean houses) and temples including the Gold Mountain Temple and the Hanok Ma-eul, the traditional Korean village.

Our tour will take you to the traditional markets and houses and for you to try traditional knife cut noodles, silky buckwheat noodles in creamy soy milk, famous bibimbap, and drink Jeonju makgeolli (rice wine). The rice wine comes in a large copper kettle, and a large selection of Korean-style tapas will also be served. If you order another kettle, a new selection of Korean-style tapas is served as well. A day in Jeonju will feel like a different world and you’ll experience a food culture like no other.

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  • 8am: Hotel Pickup
  • Take a scenic train or bus to Jeonju (3 hours)
  • Visit a famous park with a beautiful lotus pond.
  • Visit the most famous bibimbap restaurant in Jeonju!
  • Explore local temples and palaces
  • Visit the Hanok Village and try delicious snacks
  • Visit a famous tea house in a traditional market
  • Explore a traditional market
  • Visit Rice Wine Center and try rice wine with Jeonju tapas. You’ll get to try more than 15 different dishes here.
  • Return to Seoul (arrive around 10pm)

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Want to see more? Check out our Jeonju Tour Sketch here: http://www.ongofood.com/blog/2013/06/21/jeonju-tour-sketch/

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