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The Seafood Capital Of Korea Tour: Busan

Since 2008, O’ngo Food Communications has developed specialized experiences for discerning travelers. The highly rated company has grown from offering dining tours and cooking classes to offering exclusive and insightful experiences for adventurous, intelligent travelers looking to fully experience Korean culture. We try to live up to our motto, “Experience Culture Through the Cuisine.” So each experience will use food as a starting point to understand the culture. Of course, you won’t be eating or cooking every second of your trips. We take strolls through historical districts, visit homes, farms, and wildlife areas so you’ll fully experience Korea. We handle all the planning and logistics so you can just take it all in.



The Land of Seafood and Beaches: Busan

The southeastern port city of Busan is regarded by many Koreans as the seafood capital of Korea. This area is rich in seafood and it has local specialties such as barbecues and soups. It is the major shipbuilding area of Korea.

Busan is home to a number of famous beaches, fish markets, and lighthouses such as Taejongdae. Our tour will take you to the traditional markets and houses and for you to try famous fish cakes and to explore the fun nightlife areas such as in Seomyeon.


  • 7am: Hotel Pickup
  • Take KTX bullet train to Busan
  • Visit Jagalchi Fish Market for a raw fish and soup lunch
  • Visit Taejongdae Light House with snacks and drinks while sitting at a coastal restaurant.
  • Visit Songjeong Beach
  • Have barbecue in the Seomyeon district
  • Go to a popular game arcade
  • Visit a rice wine restaurant and try some Busan-style tapas
  • Return to Seoul via KTX train (arrive around 10pm)

Download Brochure here with pricing: Busan Food Tour Brochure Sm

Cost is 450 USD a person. Group Rates Available.

Local Guide Special: If you agree to go down to Busan by yourself. We can book the KTX tickets for you at your own cost. We will arrange a Busan Local Guide to take you around for the day. The cost is $300 USD per person (minimum 2 people) (transport down to Busan and back is not included) for a a 8 hour tour that includes lunch and snacks. The local guide will drive you around for the day. The cost for over 2 people is 50 USD. For groups more than 5 we’ll arrange a large transport vehicle at an extra cost.

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